ECHO videos

Back to basics videos - subcostal short axis, subcostal long axis, apicla 4 chamber view, parasternal short axis.



FOAM ed videos



Online resources


The Intensive Care Network site contains ECHO cases and an ECHO guide offers online CME accreditated courses in basic and advanced ECHO and TTE.


Hocus Pocus allows trainees to upload scans to create an online FICE logbook.



EchoCalc - the offical App of the British Society of Echocardiography. COntains all of the BSE reference values for TTE and a series of key echocardiography calculators. (FREE)


123 Echo Facts - the App of 123 sonography contains 24 chapters on Echocardiography, a calculator, reference values and an Echo quiz. (FREE but some premium content)


BSE TTE Echo - designed to aid with revising for the BSE accreditation exam. The App contains MCQ questions written by previously successful candidates (FREE)






Useful links

British Society of Echocardiography contains information on critical care ECHO accreditation and Level 1 BSE accreditation. It contains educational resources including an ECHO library, clincial cases, presentations and distance learning modules; however to access some sections requires you to be a member.