Own The Airway

A collection of online video resources from basic airway manoeuvres to emergency surgical cricothyroidotomy. Collated by LITFL and includes resources from The Sharp End, Richard Levitan's AirwayCam site and EMCrit

Cricothyroidectomy video showing technique for front of neck access from the Difficult Airway Society

From Continuing Education in Anaesthesia, Critical Care & Pain:



Mechanical ventilation series

From an excellent resource of training videos by Eric Strong. For more videos click here


Dominating the ventilator

Part 1 - Scott Weingart pod cast (30:45 minutes) click here

Part 2 - Scott Weingart pod cast (21:21 minutes) click here


Oxylog 3000 transport ventilaotr

'Own the oxylog' - Life in the fast lane available here


Non invasive ventilation

Short presentation on the physiology of non invasive ventilation


The difference between CPAP and BiPAP

Presentation by The AncientScholar. More training videos about ventilation by same presenter can be found here


Principles of mechanical ventilation

Series of educational videos by Oli Poole (@respiratoryreview) and hosted by Jesse Spurr at Injectable Orange. Click here


FRCA Articles


Prone positioning.

 Two examples of different methods/techniques used to place a patient in the prone position from RICON



Setting up pressure transducers

You tube video from Scott Weingart


Central line insertion

You tube video from Papworth Hospital. Includes aseptic technique, use of ultrasound and key points from the DH High impact intervention guidelines.




Power point presentation on PICCO from Dr John Knighton from the Queen Alexandra hospital in Portsmouth is available here




Critical care renal handbook from Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth is available here

Anaesthesia tutorial of the week on renal replacement therapy in critical care





Explained - how to crit-care videos

A resource from the Intensive Care Network - a huge selection of critical care videos from pacing/swans, awake fibre optic intubation, perch tracheostomy to parenteral nutrition. Available here