The FFICM examination is an integral part of the assessment of the standalone CCT in Intensive Care Medicine, and is designed to enable national standards to be applied fairly for all learners irrespective of where or by whom they are trained.

The FFICM Final examination can be taken at any point during Stage 2 of the new training programme.  

There is no FFICM primary examination. Trainees are eligible to sit the FFICM Final examination after obtaining a pass in the primary examination of one of the complementary speciality colleges - FRCA, MCREM, MRCP.


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The examination comprises of three sections: Multiple Choice Question examination (MCQ), Objective Structured Oral Examination (OSCE) and the Structured Oral Examination (SOE). 

You must pass the MCQ examination before you can take the OSCE/SOE examinations.  The OSCE/SOE examination must be taken together at the first attempt.

Information on exam sections and application forms: